maximum luxury, Page: 84 - WINTER 2001 | This Old House
WINTER 2001 P. 84 (4 Pages) kitchen and bath

Maximum Luxury

Lots of light, space, and top-quality materials turn this master bath into a private sanctuary By CURTIS RIST
This Old House, Page: 24 - OCTOBER 2005 | This Old House
OCTOBER 2005 P. 24 in every issue

This Old House

Master Plan, Page: 110 - SUMMER 2003 | This Old House
SUMMER 2003 P. 110 (4 Pages) Kitchen & Bath

Master Plan

Create a retreat that’s the height of luxury By CURTIS RIST
BATHED IN LUXURY, Page: 114 - NOVEMBER 1999 | This Old House
NOVEMBER 1999 P. 114 (5 Pages) features

Bathed In Luxury

Designed with lots of elbow room, finished with top-quality materials, and graced with a super view, the Dream House master bath turns routine rituals into daily pleasures By CURTIS RIST
Sink on Legs, Page: 50 - MAY 2002 | This Old House
MAY 2002 P. 50, 52 BY DESIGN

Sink On Legs

A compact console completes a period restoration By DAN DICLERICO
bold basins, Page: 94 - MAY 1998 | This Old House
MAY 1998 P. 94, 95 KITCHEN and BATH

Bold Basins

Who knew you could have this much fun in a bathroom? By JEANNE HUBER
Think thin, Page: 22 - APRIL 2009 | This Old House
APRIL 2009 P. 22 home solutions

Think Thin

SMART IDEA Screened-in cabinet, Page: 21 - MARCH 2011 | This Old House
MARCH 2011 P. 21 home solution

Smart Idea Screened-in Cabinet

By Jessica Dodell-Feder
What a Difference!, Page: 24 - MAY 2004 | This Old House
MAY 2004 P. 24 (3 Pages) HOUSE CALLS

What A Difference!

"America's ugliest bathroom" gets a sophisticated makeover By BARBARA CARLIN
CAR WAX, Page: 20 - JULY|AUGUST 2008 | This Old House
JULY|AUGUST 2008 P. 20 around the HOUSE

Car Wax

the right light, Page: 92 - WINTER 2004 | This Old House
WINTER 2004 P. 92, 93 Features

The Right Light

The ABCs of illuminating the bathroom By SUSAN ARNOLD
yogurt cups, Page: 24 - JULY/AUGUST 2010 | This Old House
JULY/AUGUST 2010 P. 24 home solutions

Yogurt Cups

Don’t ditch these plastic containers after eating their contents. TOH reader Mark Feroglia has lots of creative ideas for recycling them
sink sensations, Page: 122 - NOVEMBER 2002 | This Old House
NOVEMBER 2002 P. 122 (5 Pages) features

Sink Sensations

New designs that solve bathroom space problems—with style
HOUSE CALLS, Page: 22 - DECEMBER 2003 | This Old House
DECEMBER 2003 P. 22 (3 Pages)

House Calls

Ceramic bath accessories, Page: 46 - APRIL 2010 | This Old House
APRIL 2010 P. 46, 43 salvage style

Ceramic Bath Accessories

Corral cups and soap in the lobo, or repurpose these holders to organize small stuff in an entry, kitchen, or bedroom By AMY R. HUGHES
Machine-Made House, Page: 20 - JULY|AUGUST 2005 | This Old House
JULY|AUGUST 2005 P. 20 around the HOUSE

Machine-made House

Inventor sees the future of the shelter market in the arms of robots By C. J. HUGHES
Married, With Two Bathrooms, Page: 32 - NOVEMBER 2002 | This Old House

Married, With Two Bathrooms

A pair of small baths satisfy a couple’s distinctly different tastes By Heather Smith Maclsaac
BUILDING A BETTER BATH, Page: 90 - SPRING 2005 | This Old House
SPRING 2005 P. 90 (4 Pages) BATH

Building A Better Bath

Practical ideas for half, family, and master plans
Making the Pieces Fit, Page: 38 - JULY/AUGUST 2003 | This Old House
JULY/AUGUST 2003 P. 38 (4 Pages) BY DESIGN

Making The Pieces Fit

Some help with solving the bath design puzzle By ZACHARY GAULKIN
A Total Tansformation, Page: 94 - WINTER 2000 | This Old House
WINTER 2000 P. 94 (4 Pages) K+B GUIDE

A Total Tansformation

A Massachusetts family reconstructs a spare bath for the kids and guests to share By PAMELA HARTFORD