COLOR IDEAS Bright ideas, Page: 24 - SEPTEMBER 2014 | This Old House
SEPTEMBER 2014 P. 24 home solutions

Color Ideas Bright Ideas, Page: 8 - JULY 2012 | This Old House
JULY 2012 P. 8

PALATABLE PAINT, Page: 26 - APRIL 2006 | This Old House
APRIL 2006 P. 26 around the HOUSE

Palatable Paint

IDEAS NOTEBOOK, Page: 24 - MAY 2000 | This Old House

Ideas Notebook

Rough up a wall, Page: 28 - OCTOBER 2017 | This Old House
OCTOBER 2017 P. 28, 29 paint ideas

Rough Up A Wall

Slather on colors drawn from nature, then smooth out the edges—no brush, no roller, just special effects By DEBORAH BALDWIN
Double take, Page: 20 - JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2019 | This Old House
JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2019 P. 20 paint ideas

Double Take

Painted in complementary hues, a staid bedroom door becomes a standout piece of decor By KATE WOOD
Inspired by the past, Page: 36 - MARCH 2016 | This Old House
MARCH 2016 P. 36 paint ideas

Inspired By The Past

Use tape, paint, and a stencil to make this classic floor pattern shine By DEBORAH BALDWIN
Faux wood grain, fast and easy, Page: 38 - JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2011 | This Old House
JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2011 P. 38, 39 paint ideas

Faux Wood Grain, Fast And Easy

Acrylic glaze, latex paint, and simple tools let you put your own twist on a classic finish By ERIC HAGERMAN
Unlock the holiday spirit, Page: 20 - NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2013 | This Old House
NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2013 P. 20 home solutions

Unlock The Holiday Spirit

Wheelbarrow planter, Page: 18 - JULY/AUGUST 2010 | This Old House
JULY/AUGUST 2010 P. 18 home solutions

Wheelbarrow Planter

Shutter turned idea board, Page: 22 - SEPTEMBER 2012 | This Old House
SEPTEMBER 2012 P. 22 home solutions

Shutter Turned Idea Board

Two-tone treatment, Page: 35 - SEPTEMBER 2015 | This Old House
SEPTEMBER 2015 P. 35 paint ideas

Two-tone Treatment

Elevate your walls with a dramatic colorblocked look By DEBORAH BALDWIN
Revamped with a stamp, Page: 36 - AUGUST 2016 | This Old House
AUGUST 2016 P. 36, 37 paint ideas

Revamped With A Stamp

Take a blank wall in a new direction with this easy DIY technique By MICHELLE BRUNNER
Wake up an old dresser, Page: 43 - MARCH 2014 | This Old House
MARCH 2014 P. 43 paint ideas

Wake Up An Old Dresser

A two-tone treatment adds dimension and interest to a vintage furniture piece By DEBORAH BALDWIN
Roll on a ceiling medallion, Page: 45 - OCTOBER 2012 | This Old House
OCTOBER 2012 P. 45, 46 paint ideas

Roll On A Ceiling Medallion

Flatter your fixture with a lacy frame that suggests old-world plasterwork. With the help of a stencil and craft paint, you can do it in a flash By DEBORAH BALDWIN
Whimsical headboard, Page: 49 - MAY 2015 | This Old House
MAY 2015 P. 49 paint ideas

Whimsical Headboard

Create a charming bed, no hammer and nails needed By DEBORAH BALDWIN
Soften stripes with stippling, Page: 55 - MAY 2011 | This Old House
MAY 2011 P. 55 paint ideas

Soften Stripes With Stippling

Use tinted glaze and stiff bristles to add a suede-like effect to painted walls By ERIC HAGERMAN
Roll on a graphic rug, Page: 59 - JUNE 2014 | This Old House
JUNE 2014 P. 59 paint ideas

Roll On A Graphic Rug

Bold geometric squares go down quickly with an oversize stencil By BYDEBORAH BALDWIN
Well coordinated, Page: 36 - MAY 2016 | This Old House
MAY 2016 P. 36 paint ideas

Well Coordinated

Brighten a hand-me-down and its surroundings with the same stripe design By DEBORAH BALDWIN
They sprayed their way to greatness, Page: 52 - JULY 2012 | This Old House
JULY 2012 P. 52 paint ideas

They Sprayed Their Way To Greatness

These clever readers gilded their parlor without blowing their budget By DEBORAH BALDWIN