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September 2018



ask This Old House


Phoenix Rising



An eclectic 1930s house wasn’t what these homeowners were looking for—but it ended up being just what they wanted


ask This Old House

Q Spade bits, auger bits, and hole saws all make big holes in wood. But what uses is each type best suited for? -ADAM SZLEMBARSKI, ST. PETERSBURG, FL A When I need to drill a hole for a door latch, electrical wire, or a water pipe, I’ll use a spade bit, like the ones at left.

Phoenix Rising

Civic-minded homeowners help resurrect a 1903 house in the heart of downtown, enlivening it with color and pattern to spare


What's your paint personality?

Sunny yellows, soothing blues, revved-up reds...every color has an innate character. That may be why the hues we’re most at home with reflect traits of our own. Want to know more? Take our paint-color quiz to find shades that will suit

dollars and sense

Should you pay off your mortgage?

Even in the current tax climate, homeowners may be better served by refinancing at a lower rate and investing the savings

before + after kitchen

Keeping the charm

Original details inspire a kitchen remodel with improved function, flow, and finishes that blend seamlessly with the 1920s woodwork

before + after | bath

One to grow on

With custom storage solutions and an upbeat but classic look, this kid’s personal space won’t get old for ages


Reader mail

Smart and stylish The garden featured on the cover of the June magazine (“A World Away”) is truly gorgeous, but for me, another resident of drought-stricken California, the front yard was the real standout. Frenchcountry-inspired plantings that are water smart too?

save This Old House

THE HISTORY Every Sunday after church, Anne Kilborn, her sister Sue, and their mother would join the girls’ grandmother for a leisurely lunch in this 1906 Queen Anne. “I always liked it because of the stained-glass window on the stair landing,” says Anne, who remembers being 8 or 9 at the time.

budget redo

Mudroom area for $388

A handsome DIY bench seat flanked by storage cabinets creates a stylish drop spot for a busy family

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