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July | August 2018

ask This Old House






ask This Old House

Q I’d like to buy my son-in-law, who’s a pretty good woodworker, a midrange router and four or five useful router bits to start his collection. What should I look for? —KEITH JONES, DALLAS A There are lots of good routers to choose from. The best ones have a soft-start, variable-speed motor that automatically responds to changing loads; an easy-to-reach ON/OFF switch; and a ½-inch collet to hold the bits, like the ones below.



A free-flowing 1959 house with a lofty interior rises to the next level in the hands of two detail-obsessed owners




With its low-slung lines, streamlined interior, and openness to the outdoors, a refreshed 1955 house fully embraces its environs



BEST FRONT for ward

Where space is tight and lawn's a yawn, street-side gardens are growing lush with specimen trees, showy shrubs, bold foliage, and riotous blooms. Check out the curbside plant life here—it might just inspire a front-yard makeover of your own


TOH TV | Charleston

Reclaiming her past

AS JUDITH AIDOO - SALTUS stands in the foyer of her 1890s Charleston, SC, house and surveys a beat-up screen door, the decades seem to roll backward. With its warped and gouged wood, peeling paint, and rusted hardware, the door is in rough shape, especially compared with the rest of the home, which is looking refreshed thanks to a down-to-thestuds renovation that is being documented by This Old House TV.


dollars and sense

Are you ever too old to get a mortgage?

If you’re buying or refinancing, the answer may surprise you


before + after kitchen

Airy update

Annexing an attached laundry shed’s footprint allows for a bigger, brighter cook space with easy access to the backyard


Reader mail

Finding studs behind tile Tom Silva’s reply concerning the installation of grab bars (Ask This Old House, May 2018) was very informative, but sometimes there is an easier way to locate the studs behind ceramic tile. If it’s on an interior wall, check the room on the other side to see if a stud finder will work there.

budget redo

Scenic snack spot for $397

A stylish paint scheme and some stock lumber turn an enclosed entry porch into a breakfast room with a view


save This Old House

THE HISTORY This three-bedroom, one-and-a-half-bath Italianate was built by John William Keefe, a veteran of both the Mexican-American War and the American Civil War. After years of soldiering, Keefe eventually settled down in Martinsburg and became a yardmaster and train dispatcher for the B&O Railroad.

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