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May 2011

ask this old house

weekend remodel

Install three-piece crown molding

Building Blocks for a Perfect PATIO


ask this old house

Q HOW can I make sure my window boxes are getting enough water? —ALAINA CHILDS, ANAHEIM, CALIF. A Window boxes dry out fast, so they need frequent watering, but not so much that the roots rot. Start with boxes that drain well, and fill them with a lightweight container mix; a soil-free blend of peat moss, perlite, and water-absorbing polymers is ideal.
weekend remodel

Install three-piece crown molding

Layer stock moldings onto a box beam to create a budget-friendly custom profile


Building Blocks for a Perfect PATIO

The experts at This Old House give pointers on picking the right surface to suit your patio’s function, its surroundings, and your budget


Landscape lighting

Our experts explain what it takes to put your property in the best light after the sun goes down


Living large in a small space

Seven strategies for turning a not-so-big yard into a series of beautiful, useful outdoor rooms


Grow fruits and veggies anywhere

With smart strategies, you can raise your own harvest in any size outdoor space

TOH tv

THE ART OF THE Seamless Addition

With a smart design and careful craftsmanship, the owners of the latest TOH TV PROJECT add square footage without sacrificing their house’s modest scale or period style

salvage style

Wood interior doors

Swap out your plain hollow-cores for vintage solid wood doors, or creatively repurpose the paneled beauties to give interiors a hit of classic style


Ceramic penny-round tile

At once classic and understated, bold and graphic, these close-set circles can pack a big impact

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Cover: Landscape designer: Berghoff Design Group, Scottsdale, AZ; 480-481-3433; berghoffdesign.com. Designer and stylist: Teresa Ridlon, Ridlon Interiors, Tempe, AZ; 480-730-4884; ridloninteriors.com. Pavers: (similar to shown) Roman Dominion; mutualmaterials.com.
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